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If you're short on time but are desperate for a tidy-up and polish, the express manicure is ideal. You can leave the spa with beautiful-looking nails.
The package includes:
• Nail trimming & shaping, cuticle grooming
• Hand massage
• Polish of your choice
Shellac causes no nail damage after removal, gives healthy nails, high gloss shine, and lasts up to 2 weeks or more. Your beautiful, glossy nails are completely dry and smudge-free before you leave the salon!
The package includes:
• Basic Manicure
• Your choice of shellac polish
Say goodbye to your tired, dull complexion and hello to bright, healthy skin with our refreshing nail treatment that exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin all in one, leaving it smooth
and silky.
The package includes:
• Manicure
• Paraffin wax and hot stone massage
Get longer, lightweight, natural, and long-lasting nails with dip powder that does not damage the nail bed. Formulated without harsh chemicals and with added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails.


Give your feet some love! Enjoy a relaxing treatment that helps detoxify and renew your skin, and keeps your nails healthy and happy.
The package includes:
• Nail trimming & shaping, cuticle grooming
• Callus removal
• Hot Stone
• Foot massage
• Polish of your choice
Jelly Pedicure not only gives all the benefits of a pedicure spa but also combines the joy and pleasure of playing with jelly. The procedure helps to remove toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and hydrate your skin.
The package includes:
• Basic Pedicure
• Jelly soak
• Finish with hot stone and steam towel
This purifying treatment promotes toxin release from the muscles, helps self-healing, softens the muscles, and takes away muscle spasms. It is ideal for tired and dry feet while nourishing and promoting soft skin for a youthful and radiant glow.
The package includes
• Epsom Soak: Eliminates foot odor and fungus or ingrown nails and softens the skin.
• Sugar Scrub: Gently removes the dead skin while precious oils nourish and revive the skin by stimulating blood flow and leaving the skin feeling extra soft.
• Clay Mask: Draws out impurities, nourishes, relieves, disinfects, purifies, and revitalizes the skin.
• Massage Lotion: Help to recondition skin prone to
looseness, replenish, and restore the energy of the skin, strengthening the skin's natural moisture barrier, sealing in moisture, and absorbing quickly.
• Extra massage
• Finish with hot stone and steam towel
Choice of your scent:
* Rose & Honey * Green Tea & Aloe Vera * Milk Chocolate * Peppermint * Lavender * Pomegranate * Pink Grapefruit * Ginger
Treat your feet to the secret to an unforgettable spa-like experience. This pedicure is best for promoting the growth of new cells for fresh and healthy-looking skin. It is preloaded with vitamin E and collagen-rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. It also helps renew aging skin while detoxifying and soothing tired feet.
The package includes:
• Collagen Bubble Crystals: Detoxifies and soothes skin with a fun, fizzy feeling.
• Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub: Boosts the vibrancy of skin, helping tone and renewing texture.
• Collagen Cream Mask: Draws out impurities and added collagen helps to maintain the skin's youthful beauty. Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel: Refreshes and relaxes muscles.
• Collagen Massage Lotion: Leaves skin silky and smooth throughout the day.
• Collagen Serum Lotion: Maintains pedicure moisture.
• Finish with hot stone and steam towel
Choice of your scent:
* Avocado * Olive * Jasmine * Milk & Honey * Spearmint * Lemon Slash * Sweet Orange * Lavender & Lace
Nail Services

Nail Services

Full Set

Acrylic $40 & Up
With Gel $45 & Up
Pink & White $55 & Up
Gel Builder $55 & Up
Ombre $55 & Up
Dipping With Tip $45 & Up
Dipping French $50 & Up
Bio Seaweed Gel $55 & Up

Fill In

Acrylic $30 & Up
With Gel $40 & Up
Pink & White $50 & Up
Pink & White Backfill $50 & Up
Gel Builder $45 & Up
Ombre $40 & Up
Bio Seaweed Gel $45 & Up
Additional Services

Additional Services

Gel Polish Add-On $15
Nail Polish Change With Gel $30
Toe Polish Change With Gel $30
Nail Polish Change $12
Toe Polish Change $15
Acrylic Take Off $15
Shellac Take Off $12
Nail Repair $4
French By Hands $5
Paraffin Wax Add-On $8
Kid's Services

Kid's Services

(For children who are 12 or under)
Kid Manicure $12
Kid Manicure & Pedicure $35
Kid Manicure With Gel $25
Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Eyebrows $12
Lips $8
Chin $8 +
Underarms $20
Face Combo $40
Arms $40
Half Legs $40 +
Full Legs $55 +
Bikini Line $25 +
Bikini Line $60 +
Back $50 +
Abdomen $35 +
Eyebrow Tint $25 +
Permanent Makeup